A philosophical and psychological examination of a digital future.

An attempt in providing a new angle on our increasingly digital future, through abstract thinking, and by attacking subjects of technical interest from new  and interesting angles.

The blog (if successful) will cut through the jargon and technical language to provide a layman discussion to both fields of interest; namely Cyber and Philosophy.

I confess to not always being convinced by my own arguments, however I will endeavour to keep them plausible, refreshing, and amenable to discussion and debate.

I hope that you appreciate this blog, and look forward to engaging with you on the topics.



Occam’s Laser

(PS – Using a pseudonym for now in case it’s rubbish!)

(PPS – If you don’t get it by the way google “Occam’s Razor” and all will become clear…)



3 thoughts on “About

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  2. Thanks for following my blog. You’re moving from a career in IT to studying psychology and philosophy? I spent decades practicing as a family counselor and social worker before becoming a technical writer for a software company. Strange world.


    • Hi James. Thanks for the note, you’re welcome. I’m half way through an OU degree part time. I’m actually staying in the industry as I love it, the degree is more to assist in my managerial role, helping with critical thinking and decision making etc. This blog is an attempt to fuse the 2 areas together, as long as to help with a little revision. Most of what I’ve written is based on what I have recently read, or hear on podcasts etc applied to an IT context where I can.


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