Malleus Marketicarum / The BS Hammer

Within our wonderful IT Industry there exists a disease.   With its nexus in the US this disease seeks to obfuscate reality and confuse the masses in an attempt to create a CB handle for an IT elit…

Source: Malleus Marketicarum / The BS Hammer


2 thoughts on “Malleus Marketicarum / The BS Hammer

  1. Stunningly wonderful list. No seriously,you’ve nailed it.
    I have of late been completely and utterly astounded by the amount of people who say “to your point” when referencing “that thing you talked about a short while ago”. Shorthand it may be,but it makes my BS alarm go ruddy mental. It’s one of those phrases (like people in middle management every sentence with the word “So”, like they are about to make profound statements,when in fact they just lack the necessary vocabulary to begin sentences more interestingly),that once heard causes increasing irritation when repeated. I took umbrage against one repeat offender of this “TYP” epidemic and mentioned that they said it a disproportionate amount of the time. It has now become a linguistic albatross circling around our every conversation. Enjoyable,for me,as I hear the start of the phrase blurt out of her mouth,only to be sucked back in like a ballon deflating and replaced by a more sensible and less wanky turn of phrase like “as you said earlier”, or “as he/she mentioned a minute ago”. Long live the BS Detector Van,I salute you.


    • Haha that’s shocking!
      I’ve more to add to this list from this week:
      1 – vocalising! It means saying!!!
      2 – 101 the constant utter misuse of the Orwellian term.

      Also as per Alan’s 8th deadly sin – rising inflection and the end of a sentence when they’re not even asking a question!


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