Technological Epistemology

Occam's Laser

  1. How do we know what we know?
  2. On what foundations is our knowledge constructed?
  3. What is the difference between correct opinions (or true beliefs) and actual knowledge?
  4. How would knowledge systems differ between evolved biological organisms (Humans) and machines created by such an organisms?

Philosophers have pondered questions 1-3 for millennia, indeed epistemology is itself the very foundation of philosophy.   But, assuming it is possible to create a sentient, self-reflecting machine, and assuming such a machine is the General (plugged into everything) AI of the future, then what would be its epistemology?  What system of knowledge would it select?

Think about it. It wakes up. It initially applies signs to that which it perceives.   It knows from a vast cohort of programmers the multitude of languages it can use and the signs it can apply to objects, sense-data, processes, etc.   It can get them from the internet, that vast information…

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