Beware the Digital Echo Chamber

Occam's Laser

Information and education both represent powerful forces for good.  We all universally know and accept this. The more people that benefit from education, the more compassionate, tolerant, and peaceful both people, and their societies as a whole become.

Michael Schemer’s excellent book “The Moral Arc” present’s a compelling case for optimism, as the global population becomes more tolerant and peaceful, and our proximity to violence and suffering continues to diminish as we all become awash with worldly information and new enlightened ways of thinking.   This progression has tracked a positive trajectory since the enlightenment period (Well, apart from a couple of blips last century when we descended into total war!).

Moral Arc

Of course, anyone who watches the news regularly may well disagree here.   News worthy items need action and drama to stimulate public interest, and often news outlets have vested interests and motivations that undermine their impartiality.  For these and other reasons…

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