The Art of Official Intelligence

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This post is designed in a way to compliment and expand upon my previous blog regarding the nature of sentience in respect to awakening machine intelligence.

Apocalypse how?

Rather than focus on the nature of consciousness (as that did), this blog will focus on the nature of intelligence, or more simply what is intelligence in the machine context?

A Socratic start to a blog if ever there was one, and if I was one of Socrates’ inculcators I might respond with “well, intelligence is surely how clever something is”.  Socrates would respond by questioning what I meant by “clever”, and before long I’d be left scratching my head and reflecting upon how annoying Socrates can be, and on the appeal of Hemlock.


I have previously encountered through study in psychology the history of IQ testing, which through its development now focuses on measuring intelligence distance (or proximity to advantage) rather…

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