Hello and welcome to my blog!

The subject of this blog series is philosophy and psychology in a digital age, or put more simply “Cyber Philosophy”.

I’d would like to explore some traditional philosophical subjects in the context of our new digital age to see how the interaction of ideas and technology has changed our lives, and to analyse potential liberating (and maybe threatening) factors apparent in an increasingly interconnected future.

Personally, I’d like to link my experience of the IT industry with a personal interest in psychology and philosophy which will hopefully help me, personally, come to terms with the translation of philosophically technical concepts to a wider audience.    Both these areas suffer from a profound use of technical language, terminology and jargon, and I hope that through a synthesis of these two areas in to a layman explanation as I posit each subject, I can serve to demystify the subjects in question allowing for a wider and more general debate.

I specifically wish to explore the meaning of our digital future, and how the trajectory of its evolution will change our lives and cause us all to re-evaluate our viewpoints.

My first 2 posts are up on the site,  both of which are focused on AI.   The first of these is on the nature of consciousness Apocalypse how? , the other on the nature of intelligence The Art of Official Intelligence both exploring the differences between humans and machines.

Please have a look, and naturally I welcome all feedback and discussion.



Occam’s Laser


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